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Break A Leg

High school! It's all about the drama.

When a plucky 10th Grade girl starts a theatre club at a South African public school where humans and animals coexist, she soon discovers just how hairy high school drama can get when the most prestigious private school in town is out to get you! 


Read the treatment here!   Read the pilot here!  View the character bible here!

Break A Leg aims to be the first musical animated series to be produced on the African continent! Each episode will feature original music, bringing African artists together with Broadway-level production and songwriting to produce memorable songs that audiences will want to sing in the shower!

For The Views ▶️

Nothing's too crazy when you do it for the views!

Two best friends decide to create a “Yoh!Tube” channel like they’ve always dreamed, only to discover that things quickly get out of hand when you enter the rough and tumble world of internet fame!


Read the treatment here!

For The Views is a wacky, absurdist series that follows the misadventures of two best friends as they navigate the twists and turns of their careers as fledgling online content creators. Each 2-3 minute episode is packed with the results of inventive, sometimes disaster-prone do-it-yourself filmmaking, entertaining members of the YouTube generation while remaining vocally self-aware of the traps of real-life online fame.